IOM promotes the implementation of international protection and assistance standards for migrants, including victims of trafficking, through the establishment of a national referral mechanism to identify and assist all trafficked victims in Namibia. IOM works to enhance the criminal justice system’s response to trafficking in persons through the establishment of a formal mechanism between law enforcement bodies to coordinate their activities.

IOM assists the Government of Namibia in its full compliance with international standards on labour migration through the development of a comprehensive labour migration policy. IOM also advocates for the provision of health services to migrants, as part of the implementation of the national migration and health strategy.

IOM is providing support to the Government of the Republic of Namibia (GRN) for the development of a comprehensive National Migration Policy and contribute to the development of the implementation action plan of the national policy. This project is aiming at contributing to the strengthening of migration management capacity in Namibia with the overall objective to support the GRN in developing a comprehensive and coordinated approach to migration management based on well identified needs and priorities.

Namibia has been a member state since 2009, and IOM established an in-country presence in Namibia since 2011.

Facts and Figures
  • 2.5 Million
  • 47.0%
  • -0.2 migrants/1,000 population
  • USD 11 million
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